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Webinar Recording Available: Academic Coaching for Classroom Facilitation and Self-Directed Learning

(Note:  Updated on 1/28/2015 with links to webinar, presentation slides, and presentation references)  

A recent webinar, Academic Coaching for Classroom Facilitation and Self-directed Learning, was held earlier this week by the NROC Project.  The NROC Project is a national, non-profit movement impacting college & career readiness.  This webinar discussed how technology enables the creation of more "personalized learning" paths for students and how it opens the door to new modes of facilitation and support for learners, regardless of the mode of instruction. Academic Coaching helps faculty, advisors and student support staff champion students to develop the non-cognitive skills of self-awareness, motivation, persistence, critical thinking, accountability, and follow-through needed for success in college, career, and life.

Access the webinar recording at:

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Presentation Slides

Presentation References

Gail Cope, LINCS Program Management Group