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Week 11: Sample reporting available

Good week everyone. I have been holding off on personally diving into evaluating resources to allow others to get their feet wet. We have had a couple dive in and try an evaluation and I would encourage everyone to pick a resource and give it a try. It is mostly painless wink Please note that I have the system set up so that we should have no more than 4 evaluations per resource. You can quickly and easily tell how many evaluations any given resource has by reading the information below.

While waiting for evaluations, I have been creating a system that can automatically compile all the information that people enter. Here is a sample report for Google Forms in which you will see we have had two people take the time to evaluate. We may never publish this format, but it allows us to quickly pull out relevant information we can then craft into a summary evaluation report as we populate more evaluations. What do you think? 

If you want to give this a try live, you simply go to our shared spreadsheet and click on the tab at the bottom called "ResourceReport". All you need to do is click in the YELLOW box in cell d2 to get a drop down of items that have been reviewed. Choose one and all the data in the report adjusts appropriately. If you see less than 4 people have evaluated the resource and you wish to evaluate, please do. If we have more than 4 evaluate, there is a good chance I will loose a few months off of my lifespan ...just kidding of course, but I encourage all of us to really not go beyond 4 evaluations on any resource. 

I think we are at the point where we need evaluations. All you basketball fans should now have a few hours free with the March Madness now complete and those NFL fans still have most of a month before the draft slips in. Of course baseball is in full swing now, but hey, it's a slow game and you probably can evaluate a couple resources in those long 9 innings smiley Spring will be pushing us all away from the computer soon so you may want to jump into some evaluations before the weather gets too nice. 

As always, please let me know if you have questions or encounter difficulties. Suggestions are welcome as well. Thank you all for any time you can put in to this important work!