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Week 12 COABE time out

Good day everyone. With many either at COABE right now or trying to spend energy online catching up on what they are missing I think many of us will be taking a break from this project this week. Please enjoy the COABE offerings and the news we hear from those attending this week. 

When you get back and get all settled in, I would like to encourage every one to think about how they might schedule a little time to do a review or two. We have fallen behind schedule in terms of getting the evaluations done. I am not worried yet, because I know that many of us out there work well under pressure and we may have a professional procrastinator or two in our ranks devil. Still, putting things off does build stress and no one wants more stress in their lives. Please let me know if there is anything I may do to help you dive into an evaluation or two in the next week or so after all the COABE energy settles.