How could you first identify and then share with students where they are now, where they need to be, and ways to close that gap?

Challenge: Write or draw a model that specifically describes how to identify where a student is now, where they need to be, and ways to close that gap; this exact process could look different in different programs. How will you communicate that information to your students? Share your model in the discussion forum.

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Our current model is by testing the students to find their strengths and weaknesses and then working on their weaknesses.  The model that I would try would be to give students more feedback as they go through the process of learning.  Throughout this process, I would be providing feedback on their results.  I would be using manipulative and anything kinesthetic for students to work through the activities.  I would be watching for and seeing the progress through the process.  Once the students feel comfortable with showing me and performing the activities to meet this new activity goals, I would watch them show the whole process.  Many students learn a lot better from having interactive activities.  I would use interactive activities for them to show their new knowledge and base acceptance of completion by proving they understand the whole concept.  If a student is having a difficult time I would work with them to help them to become more successful.  I would also work with grouping to make sure I have the right combination of students so everyone is successful.  I would also ask for feedback from students to help develop the model so that all students become more successful with this model.  I learn so much from students and I am changing my curriculum a lot because students see things differently than I anticipate some times.

For instance, with my activity on finding area, volume, square foot, linear foot etc... in the classroom.  I also give the students the same problem for homework for one room in their house.  I would follow the whole process in the classroom and correct any areas that need to be changed.  Then I would want a lot of feedback from the student on their homework assignment.  I can read through their feedback and see their result and work on the areas that they need help in.  I can work individually with each student or give them another exercise to do at home or in class to prove to me that they understand the concept fully after the consultation.