Reflect on the Positive Norms to Encourage in Math Class on page 269 – 277. Which are you already encouraging? Which would you like to encourage more? How will you encourage those norms? What other positive norms do you encourage?

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The ones I feel that I all ready encouraging currently are mistakes are valuable, questions are really important, math is about connection and communicating, math class is about learning and not performing.  The ones that I see that I have to continuously work on are everyone can learn math to the highest levels, math is about creativity and making sense and value depth over speed.  I have a difficult time with a few students believing that everyone can learn math to the highest levels.  I have worked with a few students for many years.  I have tried many techniques to help them be successful.  I have also consulted with other teachers on ways to help me teach them more effective.  Also, searching the Internet for better techniques to help them.   I have a difficult time with a few of my students believing that they can attain the same level of ability as the remainder of my students.  These students that I am referring to have major learning disabilities.  Creativity and making sense is something that I am always working on but haven't really perfected yet or probably never will.  I am always taking classes to become better at this though.  Value depth over speed is hard for me since most test are timed.  I love to spend a lot of time on learning and understanding but most test that our students take are timed.  Even though teaching students greater depth of knowledge on a task is the best way to teach, it still can hurt them on a timed test.  This is an area that I see myself needing a lot more convincing on from my peers.

The one positive norm that I encourage the most is self-esteem.  I work so hard on self-esteem through the whole process of the students attaining their Hiset.  I start out day one with each student by first getting to know them and then encouraging them throughout the process.  I am always very active with my students and high-fiving them or fist pumping when they are successful.  Or if they they learned from making a mistake.  Most of students have had very difficult lives and they have not had a lot of positive role models.  I want to be a role model to them, and show them that they can be successful at anything they set their minds to.