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Week 4: Chapters 8 - 9, Questions #6 - 7 What else struck you about chapters 8 – 9?

What else struck you about chapters 8 – 9?

What will you add to, change about, or remove from your teaching practice based on what you learned in chapters 8 – 9?


Duane Dorion's picture

Two area's that I see me changing in my classroom from reading chapters 8 and 9 are, in having drawing problems more and also having the students show this to me and also the one of showing on a piece of graph paper every possible combination of a number.  Both of these areas would really help my students see the growth mindset working for them.  I go over and do a few problems in each class about drawing a picture of the problem.  I see where I can utilize this more often in my classes and it will help students interpolate what the process should be to utilized to solve this problem.  I think I have to create more problems with this in mind in all of my math classes.  The combination of a number would really be helpful with fractions.  I go over this but not as much visual as doing this on graph paper.  I can see how students will benefit from this tremendously.  

I have learned a lot from this class and reading of this book thanks for all your help.

Amy Vickers's picture

I'm glad that you are learning from this book!  It really opens up how we can approach math tasks in our classrooms.  Please feel free to share your reflections in this discussion as you try different ways to  incorporate more visual representations with students.