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What can we do about the opioid epidemic? Is this our concern in adult education?


As many of you may be aware, our country is in the middle of an Opioid epidemic that is virtually unprecedented. With over 33,000 people dying in 2015, this problem has touched every community throughout the United States. What does this mean for adult educators? What does this mean for our students? Are you addressing this concerning health problem in your classroom or program? If so, how? 

Below are two resources that may help:

  • Inside a Killer DrugEpidemic: A Look atAmerica’s Opioid Crisis - Explore the personal narratives of many individuals experiencing the epidemic first hand. Use this lesson as a health literacy lesson, or expand it to discuss the science behind addiction. Connect the article to the High School Equivalency Preparation for Science and ask students to compare and contrast some of the solutions. 
  • Understand various forms of opioids. - Are your teachers familiar with the names of a some prescription opioid drugs and what effects the drugs have on the body? What information do your teachers and support staff need to be aware of? 

As this epidemic continues, I'd love to hear more about your experiences, your strategies, and your stories. 

Kathy Tracey