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What can we learn about re-training and (new) career preparation from Janesville Wisconsin?

Career Pathways Colleagues,

I just posted a short blog article, What can we learn about Career Preparation from Janesville Wisconsin? that may be of interest to those who work in or care about career re-training programs. Janesville, an American Story, by Washington Post social policy journalist Amy Goldstein is a book about a once prosperous Wisconsin town with a General Motors plant as its long-time major employer. In the middle of the recent great recession, without much notice, GM announced it was closing the plant. The book is about how that decision affected GM workers, Janesville families and the community at large. The blog article is about a study that Goldstein and two colleagues did about the outcomes of the community college re-training program. I found the study findings eye-opening, and they are the focus of my article.

I would be interested in your reactions to the article, and to the book. I believe that Goldstein raises some important questions that may have bearings on adult career pathways work. Do you agree? Please leave your comments at the end of the blog article, or here, or in both places. Thanks.

David J. Rosen