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What Do Lessons Look Like That Are Aligned to College and Career Readiness Standards?

LINCS has some great Video Resource Paks available in its College and Career Readiness Resources and Professional Development section.  I just used them for the first time as I worked with adult educators in Mississippi as they think about what to look for in teaching and learning that reflects the instructional advances of the CCR standards.  There are two Video Resource Paks---one an 18-minute excerpt of an adult education class and the other a full-length (hour and 12 minute) video of an adult education class.  It's SO HELPFUL to have video of adult learners and teachers who are teaching adult learners so we can see the instructional approaches taken by the instructor, student responses to that instruction, and how the lesson aligns to the CCR standards.  Check these out and see what you think!  Do any of you have similar video resources that could be shared as we work to expand our pool of video resources aligned to the CCR standards?


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ATLAS (a supplemental service group in MN) has placed/will add to a playlist in YouTube; the subscription is called MN ABE Professional Development. There are several playlists under this subscription. One of those is CCRS in the ABE Classroom. Illustrative and Instructive.

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One hundred

Hi all, 

Terrisa, this is a great resource. The link to the YouTube channel is here: I hope you have time to explore it. 
Kathy Tracey