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When the Cure is a Meal, Not a Pill -- Teachable moments

Dear One and All:

I ran across this article when I was looking for a brief text to replace an outdated text in a lesson plan on finding the main idea, supporting points, and creating a summary.  It seems to me it could have multiple instructional uses for reading and writing, as well as critical thinking, listening, and speaking about our healthcare system.

When the Cure is a Meal, Not a Pill

How would you use this with your students?


Cynthia Zafft, Health Literacy Moderator


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One hundred

I can see this kind of article as being very useful for brainstorming ideas for eventual writing or additional reading and researching. Just the statement, "As one county health official said, “We knew that poverty leads to ill health. We would pay to amputate a diabetic’s foot, but not for a warm pair of winter boots," could be developed further in discussion. Leecy