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"Why Nerds and Nurses Are Taking Over the U.S. Economy"

Career Pathways and Program Management Colleagues,

This article, "Why Nerds and Nurses Are Taking Over the U.S. Economy" may be useful. It's about a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics labor forecast report that found that "Manufacturing will fall. Retail will wobble. Automation will inch along but stay off the roads, for now. The rich will keep getting richer. And more and more of the country will be paid to take care of old people. That is the future of the labor market, according to the latest 10-year forecast from the Bureau of Labor Statistics."

Here are the four major themes of the report's employment projections for the next ten years, beginning in 2016:

1. Health care will take over—or, continue its long takeover of—the economy.

2. It’s the end of retail … as America’s most dependable engine of job growth.

3. Inequality—by income, education, and geography—will continue to grow.

4. Automation will take a nibble, not a bite, out of the economy.

Projections suggest that statistically those with no high school will do better than those with only high school, and that at every level of post-secondary education people will do better, with those who have post graduate degrees doing the best.  Jobs in big cities and their suburbs are projected to grow faster than in rural areas

Take a look at the article or the full report, then tell us what you think, and what you do with forecasts like this: are they useful to you? In what ways? If not, why not?

David J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS CoP Program Management group