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WIOA Integrated Education & Training Model Programs


COABE Adult Educator Resources has a new document that may be of interest to you. WIOA Integrated Educatioon & Training Model Programs by CLASP Senior Policy Analyst and long-time Minnesota adult education practitioner Judy Mortrude. This is a 12-page informative introduction to IET models with links to lots of useful resources.

In the article you can learn about:

  • What IET includes
  • Model programs such as: Bridge Programs; Workplace Learning Programs; Pre-Apprenticeship Programs; Integrated English Literacy & Civics Education Programs; Corrections Education Programs; Postsecondary Education Programs; and Out-of-School Youth Programs
  • How IET programs are funded

At the end of the document Judy asks:

Do you have other Integrated Education and Training examples we could share? Do you have comments or questions?
Please contact Judy Mortrude, Senior Policy Analyst
Did you find this helpful? Give us your feedback!

If you have experience with IET, do you have other models to suggest or other comments on this document?

David J. Rosen