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Writing for the GED® and other HSE tests -- Paraphrasing

Hello colleagues, How are learners doing with the writing portion of the GED® -- and other HSE tests-- you've been teaching?

Being able to paraphrase in writing is an important skill that is relevant for writing on HSE tests, as well as when transitioning to post-secondary. How do you approach teaching paraphrasing?

I want to recommend a wonderful resource from our colleagues in Adult/Community Education Minnesota, "Gear-Up Writing Webinar: Paraphrasing Evidence," which is included in the LINCS collection. Not only can you view a helpful webinar on teaching paraphrasing at the Gear-Up site, but you can also download the resources featured in the webinar, including lesson plans and links to materials. These one-page non fiction texts at various reading levels and the accompanying materials for teaching paraphrasing seem especially useful.

I sure wish I had found these resources last spring when I was teaching an advanced academic reading and writing course.

Thanks for telling us about your success and challenges with teaching writing for the HSE.

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, Teaching & Leaning CoP


Leecy's picture

Susan, paraphrasing is a valuable skill, indeed, and many confuse it with summarizing. There are two earlier LINCS discussions that addressed this issue, which might also be of interest. I'm glad that we continuing that discussion. I hope others contribute tips on how they successfully have students practice the skill!