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Your thoughts about posting to the LINCS CoP

Hello LINCS Community of Practice (CoP) colleagues,

Earlier this year I received an e-mail from a LINCS community member who had the following observations about the LINCS groups. I wonder what your thoughts are about them: do any of these describe how you yourself feel, or how colleagues of yours feel? What could we do to address these concerns, to improve the LINCS Community?

  • “[I’m] wondering if others that don't post much, or have not posted at all, may struggle with feeling like, ‘I don't want to interrupt the flow others have going, but I do want to share this thought but I just can't figure out where it should go.’ “ 
  • “I wonder how many of our lurkers on LINCS really feel they have thoughts to share but they just don't know where or how to share them.”
  • “Of course, some just like to read the conversations and enjoy their lurking. I suspect we have a decent number of people that just feel intimidated jumping into some of these massive discussions with very verbose posts from some people.”

David J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS CoP, Integrating Technology and Program Management groups