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Mathematical Mindsets Study Guide


Philip Bonner's picture

Ms. Vickers,

Is it too late to join this discussion group?  And if not, how can I obtain a copy of this book? 


Philip Bonner


Mary Jo Chmielewski's picture

I'm just wondering if I can still join if I get a copy of the book by the end of tomorrow (April 18th)?

Amy Vickers's picture

Yes! Join any time that you can. The schedule is to keep us focused on a particular set of questions in the discussion during each week.

Madeleine Lane-Duigan's picture

I have had the book since the beginning of April but have been hampered by some overwhelming pig pile of  personal life schedules. Work and kids and animals has finally let up and I am ready to catch up. I am so interested in the book, I hope its not too late to get caught up. Please let me know. Thanks!

(LINCS is also taking me a lot of getting used to)

Marti Reppetto's picture

A lot of people are still commenting on week one. I am sure it's fine.