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26th Annual Adult Numeracy Network (ANN) Teaching & Learning Institute: Numbers in the Wild

  • Location: 
    COABE National Preconference
    Sunday, April 5, 2020 - 9:30am to 4:30pm

The Adult Numeracy Network presents: Numbers in the Wild

The Adult Numeracy Network (ANN) presents a day of professional development with a focus on adult numeracy. We will:

  • Explore how real-world data can be woven into math education across levels and domains
  • Build bridges between the math your students see in the classroom and the numbers they encounter in the world
  • Consider data in various contexts and its connections to topics across the curriculum
  • Imagine classrooms where students are challenged to think deeply about mathematics, even if they are still working on fundamental skills
  • Leave with an appreciation of how real-world data can enrich our classes and increase student interest and engagement

Participants will leave with classroom-ready activities that they can immediately use with students at all ability levels. Math practitioners at all experience levels will find support and inspiration from this workshop.

COABE National Preconference
Sunday, April 5, 2020

The $150 cost of registration includes a full day of professional development, lunch and a one year ANN membership.

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