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Education Week's Real-World Literacy Summit 2019

  • Location: 
    Online Summit
    Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Schools are under growing pressure to make sure that students are ready for work or job training, as well as college, when they graduate. But employers often complain that their young hires haven’t learned the reading, writing, speaking, and digital skills they need on the job. How can educators bridge the gap between reality and expectations, when it comes to these complex skills?

In this virtual summit, Education Week journalists and their guests will staff online "discussion" rooms to help unpack some of the literacy skills that today’s evolving workplace demands and point to some efforts already underway to instill those skills in young people.

This Online Summit provides you a unique opportunity:

  •     To directly interact with reporters and their guests; and
  •     To watch a livestreamed series of interviews with the reporters after they’ve “broken it down” with you.

Sessions will include:

  • How We Can Teach Students to Speak Knowledgeably and Confidently
  • Teaching Digital Literacy
  • How to Teach Professional Writing in the Context of Traditional English Classrooms
  • How to Make Reading Relevant
  • Should Schools Test Workplace Skills?

Register here to join the Education Week newsroom and learn more about the "new literacies of the workplace" and how educators are preparing students for these realities.