Is cash still king? What does the new normal mean for our learners?

I thought you may find this article interesting: Americans face a new coronivirus challenge: the shortage of coins.  While fascinatiging, I wonder how our students are transitioning to a covid world where we have no contact transactions. 

Why does this matter? Jennifer Kingson notes: "The coronavirus may have changed our buying and payment habits forever. Online shopping is through the roof, and consumers are rushing to get "contactless" credit and debit cards, which are tapped at a merchant terminal rather than inserted or swiped."

Highlights from her article include the following: 

  • People are making purchases that they would have made in person, but they’re making them online now.
  • Paying for something on an app or a website is now commonplace.
  • e-commerce is convenient...for who?

Many of our students lack access to credit or debit cards and those of our learners in a service industry are hit hard by a cashless society.

So, how can we help our students navigate this increased reliance on e-commerce?

I'd love to hear your thoughts. 
Kathy Tracey