Financial Literacy & Migrant Ed Tutoring

Hello.  I am due to meet with a new student under a migrant education program who is on track to graduate from a New England high school in June (we hope).  Her goal is to go to a college back in her Spanish-speaking country.  I haven't heard from her teacher yet and wanted to know what you feel would be most important to "hit" with this young person coming in "cold"..... There will be no wi-fi at the site I must meet her.  Thank you. - Leigh, Vermont


Hi, Leigh. Thanks for asking! I hope you have lots of suggestions come in. Since there are so many variables involved, would you provide us with a little more information?

  1. What is her purpose in enrolling in the migrant program. Is it to improve her English? Receive legal services? Process financial documentation?
  2. It sounds like she is 17 or 18. Is that correct? How is she progressing in school. Does she like it?

In my view, the very most important "hit" you can possibly make with a new student is to help her immediately feel safe and in community, especially if she is from a Spanish-speaking background.(High-Context Culture, Edward Hall). Secondly, I would help her really get in touch with her personal goals , interests, and life experiences. Why is she here to complete high school? Is her family drawing her back to her country? Why does she want to go to college? That's where I would start. Helping her feel like she is being "discovered" and discovering herself can really help new students.

How about more ideas from others in these communities? Leecy