Free PD Opportunity in Using Online Financial Literacy Resources as Authentic Reading Materials

Hello, Colleagues,
I have recently developed a one-week online PD module in evaluating online financial literacy resources and using them as authentic reading material with adult English learners. The module is designed to give participating teachers the tools they need to evaluate online resources and identify appropriate ways to use them in content-based instruction that combines English reading skills development with basic financial literacy.
I will be teaching the module during the week of June 11-17, 2018, and I'm seeking participants for it. Participation in the module is completely free -- this is part of my work toward completion of the TESOL certificate program in Developing an Online Teaching Program.
Here's a quick recap:
What: Professional development in evaluating financial literacy websites for use in content-based reading activities
Where: Completely online; Sakai learning management system
When: June 11-17, 2018
Time commitment: 8-10 hours total
Learning outcomes: Ability to evaluate websites for readability and user interface quality; ability to identify ways of using a website as a source of authentic materials
If you are interested in learning more or participating, please feel free to contact me directly at Thanks!