PIAAC Literacy Circle Invitation

Greetings, All. The Reading and Writing CoP will be launching a four-week micro group, from September 11 - October 8th, with the possibility of continuing if members wish. I will be posting reminders here when the date approaches, but I wanted to give you a heads up.

This micro group promises to produce very effective activities to support reading and writing instruction among adults, following the premises included in the materials that will serve as our guide in developing activities. Below are more details, which will be shared more broadly starting next month.

PIAAC Literacy Circle Invitation

If you are interested in and committed to becoming informed about the current state of adult literacy, and if you want to contribute to accelerating the rate at which adults become empowered in their communities, this event is designed for you!

When: DATES: September 11 - October 8th. Mark your calendar!
Where: LINCS Reading and Writing Community: PIAAC Literacy Circle Micro Group

The LINCS PIAAC Literacy Circle…

  • is a teacher-to-teacher study, problem-solving, and product-development group co-led by Leecy Wise, LINCS Reading and Writing CoP Moderator, and Diana Baycich, Literacy Projects Coordinator for the Ohio Literacy Resource Center at Kent State University.
  • will feature Amy Trawick the nationally-acclaimed Director of the Center for Adult Learning Leadership and Advancement, and author of Using the PIAAC Literacy Framework to Guide Instruction: An Introduction for Adult Educators.
  • will meet for four weeks.  You can expect to spend approximately 1-4 hours a week reading and contributing ideas in the Circle, creating segments, and discussing them with colleagues.
  • will create valuable reading and writing resources to be used among Adult Ed ABE, HSE Prep, ESL, and Family Literacy instructors and their students.

Using the PIAAC Literacy Framework to Guide Instruction, available in the LINCS Resource Collection, describes how adult literacy practitioners might support adult learners by incorporating relevant tools from PIAAC’s literacy framework and will serve as the reference for discussions.

To join the Literacy Group: If you are new to LINCS, register as a LINCS member right away (go to: https://community.lincs.ed.gov/ click on Log In/Register). Once you receive confirmation of LINCS membership, join the Reading and Writing Community of Practice (CoP) listed under Groups. You will find the PIAAC Literacy Circle micro group listed in that CoP. Simply click on “Join.”  For more information or help in participating, contact Leecy Wise, leecywise@gmail.com, Group Co-Moderator.

Thanks in advance for your support! Leecy