Health Literacy Outloud


Due to the interest in several  LINCS conversations about podcasts in the classrooms, and how podcasts can improve literacy, I wanted to take a moment and apply that information to our Health Literacy Community of Practice.

First, I invite you to listen to the podcast, “Using Design to Get Readers to Read and Keep Reading,” Health Literacy Out Loud podcast interview with Karen Schriver. This podcast is from a series called Health Literacy Out Loud.

You can listen to the entire series by going HERE.

  • Topics include: Plain Language: It's About Smartening Up, Not Dumbing Down
  • Visual Metaphors: When Words Alone Are Not Enough
  • Health Literacy and Justice-Involved Individuals
  • Wellness, Women, and Health Literacy 

There are many more to listen to. Which one is your favorite? And how you can use these podcasts in your program.

Kathy Tracey