A Two-Pronged Approach to Health Literacy

October is National Health Literacy Month
From Tom Sticht, retired International Consultant in Adult Education and longtime supporter of adult learners all over the world

A Two-Pronged Approach to Health Literacy 10/1/18

Improving adults’ health literacy by teaching them reading and writing while also teaching them about good health behavior has been around for a long time. During World War II the military published a newspaper, Our War, for soldiers who were learning how to read. The September 1945 issue included a cartoon strip featuring fictitious soldiers Private Pete and his buddy, Daffy.
To read the strip dialogue and Tom's other comments on the two-pronged approach to teaching health literacy, CLICK HERE.

The two-pronged approach is often referred to as "contextualized instruction," which, when matched to occupational preparation training, is referred to by WIOA as integrated instruction and learning.

How do you implement the two-pronged approach or integrated training? Your comments are invited regarding this very effective approach to instruction among adult learners! Leecy