Vaping, Adult Learners and Information Literacy

Hi all, 

Many of you may be aware, vaping has been in the national news for potential hazards and may be linked to serious lung illness. A simple Google query will lead to hundreds of articles, 

Consider this one from the Associated Press: Government Plans to Ban Flavors Used in e-Cigarettes. or this one from Yahoo Finance about Lobbying: Vaping Group Plotting Lobbying Efforts at Trump's DC Hotel. John Hopkins' article 5 Vaping Facts You Need to Know

As health literacy educators, we can share critical information about health and health hazards, but we can also extend our instrution to include government roles and responsibilities, and even an introduction to lobbying.  

Keeping current events at the forefront of our classroom instruction can help engage and retain learners. How are you covering vaping in your classroom?


Kathy Tracey



As a follow up to the original post, it appears theyre may be an answer to the vaping related illnesses. The CDC believes there is an ingredient in flavored e-cigarettess linked to these illnesses. Are you seeing students engaging in vaping? What, if any, is our role in this potential health crisis? Should this be covered in the health literacy classroom?

I'd love to hear your thoughts. 
Kathy Tracey