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Welcome to the LINCS Assessment Group.

The group is a community of practice for adult educators to discuss research and evidence-based practices, instructional strategies, and issues related to assessment; provide information and resources that can be used to develop, expand, and inform the adult literacy field on assessment techniques and issues; and enrich and improve public policies related to assessment by providing an open forum for the exchange of relevant policy ideas.

Topics may include issues such as:

  • Identifying and incorporating formative assessment activities in the classroom;
  • Connecting classroom formative assessment with the real-world needs of students;
  • Developing ways to include formative assessment results for reporting and accountability purposes; and
  • Using assessments such as BEST, CASAS, TABE, Accuplacer, and high school equivalency exams, including the GED® and HiSET.

Become more informed, get involved, and be inspired! Share your knowledge with the Assessment Group and help advance our field of practice.

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