Discussion next week: Research on Using Technology in Adult Basic Skills Learning

Assessment colleagues,

I am excited to announce that next week we will host a discussion in the Technology and Learning CoP concerning Research on Using Technology in Adult Basic Skills Learning. If you are interested, you will need to join that CoP to see the posts and to participate.

From May 9 – 13, a panel of researchers will focus on recent adult basic education research on technology. Some of the discussion topics will include: problem solving in technology-rich environments, and findings on the use of online learning to support literacy and math skill development in low-skilled adults. Two of the researchers have used a new online assessment, the PIAAC Education and Skills Online, which may be of particular interest to those in the Assessment CoP.

The week-long panel discussion will feature the principal investigators in three studies:

Dr. Robert Murphy, from SRI International, with the Technologies for Adult Basic Literacies Evaluation (TABLE) evaluation;
Dr. Jill Castek, from Portland State University (Oregon), with the study, Exploring How Problem Solving in Technology-Rich Environments Can Be Used to Design Responsive Programming; and
Adam Newman, from Tyton Partners, a marketing research firm in Boston, with the survey Learning for Life, the Opportunity for Technology to Transform Adult Education.

The discussion will enable adult basic skills practitioners, researchers, and professional developers to learn about findings from these studies that they may apply in programs, that may inform other research, or that may be relevant to professional development.

The discussion kicks off in Technology and Learning on May 9th. This is a rare opportunity to engage with some of the prominent technology researchers in our field and to hear about research that may have important implications for your practice.

David J. Rosen

Moderator, Program Management, and Technology and Learning CoPs