Join us for the national GED® Grad Day celebration on May 18

GED Grad Day 2017

The national GED® Grad Day celebration returns on May 18! This is the second year for this virtual event that celebrates GED graduates and their personal and professional accomplishments. GED Testing Service is encouraging current GED graduates, family members, friends, teachers, employers and aspiring graduates to join the celebration!

On May 18 we ask that you post a selfie to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram “tipping” your hat to GED grads and use the hashtag #GEDGradDay in your post. 

Each time #GEDGradDay is used on social media on May 18, GED Testing Service will make a $1 donation to the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL). 

Please visit this webpage for more details about this exciting online event! A partner toolkit is also available for download here.