Using Assessment to Design Instruction: New Online Course from World Education

In the adult literacy field, classroom assessments are essential for maintaining quality instruction and strengthening programs overall. Practitioners need them for accurately determining a student’s current skills and knowledge, learning strengths and challenges, educational gains, and readiness to move on to the next stage in the educational journey. Students need them to assure themselves that they are acquiring new knowledge and skills and thus to persist in their learning. Strong classroom assessments contribute to an overall “culture of assessment,” where all members of the learning community—students, tutors, instructors, program managers—can comfortably analyze and use data. After completing this course, teachers will have expanded their selection of assessment tools for classroom use, learned how to deepen assessments from simple to complex, and explored how to involve students in designing classroom assessments.

Using Assessment to Design Instruction is a self-paced online course facilitated by Carey Reid. Sign up and get started any time. Work at your own pace and benefit from the feedback and support of the facilitator. Come back to the course after you've completed it to review materials or read new forum posts. Visit World Education E-Learning for more information and to register. Course fee: $189.