Welcome to the March YAP Event!

Hi YAP Members - Welcome to our month-long discussion about using data for continuous improvement. Here is what you can expect over the next month! We are excited about your participation - and the new knowledge that will be generated as a result of our interaction!

Please mark your calendars for a liver YAP-Data Microgroup Live Event.... March 12th -       2:00 p.m. e.t. - Data for Continuous Improvement.

With David J. Bernstein & Jon E. Burkhardt, Westat.

An Introduction to Using Data for Continuous”:  Dr. Bernstein and Mr. Burkhardt will introduce key performance measurement, performance management, and evaluation concepts, methods, and strategies for developing systems for continuous improvement. (see attached draft powerpoint). Discussion topics will include:

  1. Performance 3Ms: Measurement, Monitoring, Management
  2. Logic Models and Evaluation
  3. Gathering Information
  4. Good Performance Measures/Management
  5. Continuous Improvement Models

Data Microgroup Purpose:  This community is a platform for sharing information, ideas, and resources related to using data, at multiple levels to support youth and adult pathway programs and strategies.

The diverse forums included in this micro group reflect the varying ways in which adult learner’s access information. Aligned with the tenets of universal design for learning (UDL) participants in this month-long community will have the opportunity to read and review materials, participate in at least two live webinars, share thoughts and ideas through discussion forums, and have conversations with national leaders associated with designing and implementing data systems to continuously improve service delivery across.

Thank you for your participation throughout the month.

Judy Shanley, Ph.D. YAP Data Facilitator, Easter Seals


This is a topic we all can use.  Especially for workforce education, we need ways that we can show employers ROI (return on investment) data. Will this be included?

Also, I don't see the attached draft powerpoint mentioned in the message.

And one other thing, is this being cross-posted to the assessment group?  They would be interested.

Donna Brian, SME Career Pathways