12/10 Webinar Online Formative Assessment Tools

Hello friends, It's not too late to join us on Thursday 12/10/15 at 3:00 Eastern to learn about some innovative online tools we can use for teaching and learning. This special event will be presented by LINCS Region 1 at World Education's EdTech Center. For more information, and to register click here.

During the webinar, you will also hear about two exciting LINCS micro-groups focused on online tools, which you might want to consider joining in the coming year. Participants in the "Online Formative Assessment Tools Micro-group," led by Marie Cora, will include a small group of teachers or tutors who will focus on using online tools as formative assessment with students, discussing the experience together, and then evaluating these tools for our community.  The "Online Tools and Resources Micro-group," led by Ed Latham, will choose online tools based on their interest, which can be for a wide range of purposes, including administrative, but participants will not be expected to actually use the tools in their practice. Participants will collaborate on evaluating the tools and share their reviews with the LINCS community. Join us on Thursday to hear more!

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, Assessment CoP


Ed Latham's micro-group? I don't see it under my micro-group tab and it sounds great!

-Lucianna Ramos


Lucianna and others, thank you for the interest in the micro-groups that will be starting up. There will be an official posting in all of the LINCS groups soon with a follow up reminder in the first week of January. Both micro-groups, mine and Marie's, will be starting up during the second week of January. 

Keep posted in the LINCS forums for more details soon!