Creating digital assessments and tracking mastery on standards in the adult ESL classroom

Hi - I've posted this in a couple other groups, but thought it might be appropriate here as well:

I'd like to find a cohort of adult ESL instructors who are interested in finding digital solutions to creating assessments and tracking mastery on standards.

I work at a community college and we're supposed to be aligning our lessons with College & Career Readiness Standards and English Language Proficiency Standards. I'd like to track student progress digitally so that I can someday be able to show my director and state director our program's progress. We have little-to-no budget, so free apps are ideal. I've played around with many apps, websites, and learning management systems so I have quite a bit of experience, but haven't found a solid solution for our type of program. This is my Symbaloo mix that I currently use with my students: ESL@CWC

I work with our Levels 1&2 beginner ESL students. Our class meets three nights a week for 2 hours each. Many students have little technology skills, but they're quickly learning. But with irregular attendance and open enrollment for part of the semester, I struggle to keep afloat.

I've created a Facebook group to share ideas, if you're interested ( but chatting here would be good as well.