GED® Educator Tip: Suggestions From A Former Student

Josh Burall Educator Josh Burall understands what it’s like to be a GED® student. That’s because just a few short years ago, he was one!

After losing his job, Josh signed up for GED® classes as part of California’s Welfare to Work program. He excelled in his classes and passed the GED® test in a few short months.

Josh started a new job, but found it wasn’t as intellectually stimulating as he hoped. As a result, he went back to the Learning Quest Adult Education Center in Modesto, CA as a volunteer tutor helping other students prepare for the GED® test. He loved it so much, that when a position opened up, he applied for and got the job!

Josh’s life experience allows him to truly relate to, and understand, the students he works with. Please click here to learn about the teaching strategies that work well for Josh.