Seeking information on use of WorkKeys scores for advising and placement

Dear Colleagues,

I’m doing some research about how states and local institutions use, integrate, interpret the variety of assessment and placement tests (TABE/CASAS, WorkKeys, ACCUPLACER/COMPASS) along the spectrum of adult basic education, workforce training, and postsecondary education. I’m writing to ask for your help in locating information to answer the following questions:

1. Are you aware of any local education and workforce training providers – ABE programs, workforce agencies, One Stop Career Centers, and postsecondary institutions – that use WorkKeys scores in student advising and basic education placement , per NRS Test Benchmarks for Educational Functioning Levels?

2. Are you aware of any states or local institutions that take into consideration ACT Career Readiness scores when advising students/clients about readiness for college (including preparation needed for college placement tests)?

3. Are you aware of any states or local institutions that accept ACT Career Readiness scores in place of college placement tests for adult learners entering college? If so, I’ll be interested in learning what sort of crosswalk tool they have developed.

4. Do you know of any postsecondary institutions that provide college credit to students who score Gold level on WorkKeys?

I realize that these assessments are not necessarily designed to align with one another, but am looking for instances where they may be used informally for advising and placement purposes. I welcome your suggestions and referrals to websites, research reports, or others who may have knowledge of state or local practices related to these questions. You can reply to the list (for the benefit of all) or email me directly at