College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) Opportunity

Hi Group Members,

I want to highlight an announcement made to COABE members in the September bulletin regarding College and Career Standards.  You may be interested in responding by September 15th.  I have copied it below:


College and Career Readiness    

C l i c k  h e r e  f o r  d e t a i l s.


COABE has the possibility of securing new funding to develop a web-based, searchable database of lesson plans that align with the College and Career-Readiness Standards (CCRS) for Adult Education. COABE members would be able to upload their CCRS-aligned lesson plans to the database and share them with adult educators across the country. The devil's in the details, so we would work with a team of colleagues from states implementing the CCRS to address issues and considerations and guide the design of the database. This database would expand our existing online repository of teacher resources, so we are very excited at the prospect!


But first, we need to hear from you. Enter your responses to the following three questions here:

  • Is your state adopting the CCRS or considering it?
  • What is your program or state doing to help teachers get up to speed with CCR Standards?
  • Will practitioners in your program or state also need a deeper understanding of science, history, and social studies content as well?
  • If your state is implementing CCRS, would practitioners in your area find the proposed new COABE database useful? Why or why not? 

If you don't feel qualified enough to answer the questions, then please forward this message or this link to someone who can answer them. The deadline to respond is September 15th.