New Online Course! Integrating Technology with Project-Based Learning

In Integrating Technology with Project-Based Learning (January 28-March 25), participants will review the concepts of project-based learning and explore ways to integrate new and emerging technologies into instruction. Using Web 2.0 tools in project-based learning allows teachers to introduce their classes to problem-solving tasks, enhancing learners’ critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills in the process. These are exactly the 21st century skills adult students need to prepare for college or careers. If you enjoy learning in a collaborative, virtual environment and are comfortable with new technologies, consider this highly interactive course. Come learn new instructional approaches and technologies, while developing your own project by course end. 

Integrating Technology with Project-Based Learning is an 8-week, facilitated course and takes 3-4 hours per week to complete. The course is facilitated by Steve Quann. Course fee: $269.

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