Online Course: College Readiness for Adults

College Readiness for Adults: Beyond Academic Preparation, an online course from World Education, will be starting on October 23! 

The overall objective of this course is to assist educators, counselors, administrators and postsecondary partners to better prepare their students for postsecondary education. Participants identify, organize, and reflect on the broad array of readiness skills and abilities that adults need to be successful in postsecondary education and training. Then they consider how to change their practice to incorporate what they have learned.

This course is asynchronous - there is no need to be online at particular times - and it features class discussion boards, assignments, and feedback from the instructor. The cost is $269 per participant. For more details on this and other courses, or to register, go to  or contact me at 617-385-3740 or . We hope you take this opportunity to register today!

"I think that participants benefit greatly from the collegial learning that comes from the discussion board, and from the reflection on their own practice that the course encourages. I have seen that participants are consistently re-energized and produce excellent ideas on how to foster self-efficacy and college readiness among their adult students." - Jody Maloney, Instructor

Leah Peterson
World Education