Study: Computer mediated developmental math courses --CCRC

Hello MSCCA!

The Community College Research Center (CCRC) just released a working paper sharing results from a study seeking to examine how high schools and community colleges in Tennessee implemented a computer mediated developmental math course and to what extent institutional context influences the implementation of computer mediated developmental math course. In short, the study reported that structural and cultural factors in high schools contributed to high school students being more likely to complete computer mediated developmental math courses in one semester. Do the findings as it relates to the structural and cultural factors in community colleges resonate with any of you and your institutions?

The full paper can be found here 


This is a fascinating study.  Many of the smaller programs in our state rely heavily on computer mediated courses and don't have very many institutional structures in place to support student success.  This affects the completion rates of the students.  This study shows that student success still relies heavily on strong social networks embedded in social contexts.  Building institutional structures to help scaffold development of students' self regulation makes sense.  Thanks for sharing this study!


Hi Spatton, 

Thanks for your response. I find it critically important that students receive the necessary supports to be successful in addition to the academic component. I'm sharing a brief that came out of an evaluation that my office was apart of. I'm particularly sharing for page two where there is a model that highlights the importance of a robust academic intervention and student support services, among other things.