Lesson Plan Templates for CCR Aligned Lessons

Does anyone have a lesson plan template for developing CCR-aligned lessons that they like and would be willing to share?  I was just in Mississippi working with a great group of math teachers on aligning instructional resources to the CCR standards.  As we discussed how to create lessons to fill the gaps in the resource we were looking at, we went online and found some templates that we like.  But, as we work to develop a template that works well for Mississippi teachers, we'd love to see additional examples of lesson plan templates others use.  Thanks in advance for anything you can share!


Hello Kaye,

Three possibilities for a lesson plan template for developing CCR-aligned lessons come to mind, and there are LINCS  CoP Integrating Technology group members who can tell you about each one:

1. HyperDocs templates may have been developed -- or could be developed -- to address this need.  Search LINCS content for Hyperdoc -- we have had several detailed discussions in Integrating Technology about what they are , how to use them, and where to find them for adult learners. Also Contact Adult learning Hyperdoc Maven Ashly Winkle at msashlylcot@gmail.com

2. CrowdEd Learning. This is a new initiative that includes a library of free and OER adult education resources, linked to CCR standards and soon will have a process called SkillBlox that will enable a teacher to design standards-based lesson plans for students. Search LINCS content for CrowdEd Learning .  Contact Jeff Goumas, the founder of CrowdED learning at jeff@crowdedlearning.org Jeff has frequently invited teachers in the LINCS CoP to join CrowdEd to add new resources suggestions to the library, and to get invoilved in other ways. See his post in the LINCS Community of Practice today https://community.lincs.ed.gov/discussion/digital-skills-library-survey%E2%80%94how-can-we-make-useful-possible

3. Integrating Technology member, Ed Latham, for several years helped the state of Maine to develop CCR-related adult ed lesson plans. Ed has a sophisticated process based on using free Google tools. You could contact him at ohgeer@gmail.com to learn more about this. He may even have a template he could share.

David J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS CoP Integrating Technology group


Hi Kaye!

On this page, under CCRS 201 resources, you can find the lesson plan template I made for CT.  If you scroll to the end of that section, you will find the annotated version of the template which gives a description of each section's use with some additional ideas.

Best wishes to Mississippi!


Hi Kaye (and Connie and David!)

As David mentioned, CrowdED Learning is developing tools that aggregate free and open education resources that align to the CCRS (including what publishers have provided for alignments of their materials) to try to better organize and promote some of the high-quality, free and open education resources that are out there. For the initial stages of what we build, these simply will be listings of resources; over time we will work to refine what gets listed and how content gets organized....based on instructor and student feedback. 

That said, listings of resources do not constitute "lessons" nor curriculum (though they can form the building blocks). So in addition to what Connie shared (great stuff, Connie!) and the cool stuff David shared (particularly about hyperdocs, which is a huge area of interest for CrowdED Learning and you should definitely check out what Ashly Winkle is doing in that realm), I'd check out Kentucky SkillsU (http://kyae.ky.gov/educators/index.html). They are building up a statewide database of standards-aligned lessons using a lesson template and lesson vetting process. I know there are a number of states doing similar types of standards-based initiatives, including Rhode Island....which is in the process of moving toward proficiency-based teaching, learning, and assessment (for which I'll now ping Donna Chambers, who has been heavily involved in that initiative). 

Sooooo, I'm hoping people see these posts, as I know there are a number of states that are doing similar work. 

Hi Di,

These are great!!!! A couple questions:

1. Has any thought gone into making the openly licensed via Creative Commons?

2. Is there a process where teachers get trained to build lessons using this template? And, if so, are they shared within any kind of commons for other teacher to be able to use? 

I'm very interested in coming up with ways we as a community can share great standards-aligned lessons in a manner that is easy to use for educators.


Thank you Jeff. I don’t think any of us has thought about licensing them through creative commons but that’s a good idea. We have a Moodle course in which instructors can learn and practice with each element of the lesson plan to develop standards based lessons. Programs can request technical assistance, too. We do have a repository for “home made” lesson plans as well as oodles of other resources called the Teacher Resource Center at https://trc.ohioable.org  I agree that we need to share what we have with other teachers. Lack of time is always an issue with adult ed. teachers and having access to lesson plans and other resources is a huge time saver.