Google Docs/Sheets Q&A-Wed Hangout

You are invited to this week's Hangout! Ed Latham, math instructor, techie, and an active LINCS member, offers free weekly Google Hangouts on topics of interest to Adult Ed programs. This week's session will cover Google Docs/Sheets Q&A. Even if you have used these tools in the past, you'll enjoy learning more about how they can be used among students and colleagues who wish to collaborate on projects.

The Google Hangout offers educators and others a free live-video tool for interaction with students and others. This tool is ideal for tutoring students at a distance, for example.

For more information with a link to the live event on Wednesday, 7PM EDT, open the LINCS discussion in the Technology CoP on Ed Latham’s free Hangouts, another Google tool, "Hanging with Ed(ucation) 8/10/16 event link" at

When you click on the link to the live event listed in the post, you'll see a Yes/No option to let Ed know that you will or will not attend. The left part of the page shows a video box, which will become active at the time for the Hangout, Wednesday, 7PM, EDT every week. Hope to see you there! Leecy (