Hanging with Ed(ucation) 12/7/16

Ed Latham offers very useful and engaging tutorials on different ways to use technology in instruction. Tonight, the session will focus on Advanced Business Simulations : Hanging with Ed(ucation) 12/7/16 Advanced Business Simulation

To get more details on joining the free session, visit the LINCS discussion at https://community.lincs.ed.gov/comment/17829#comment-17829 



Due to some technical difficulties (I think bandwidth) I was not able to run the session tonight with any kind of quality. 

I would love to have educators visit this site and explore what this deep simulation might be good for when engaging learners.

Link to Virtonomics simulation
Link to Tutorial pdf
Link to Game Manual pdf

The game suggests you start off by choosing one of the three business sectors and if you do you will get a number of company subdivisions (Office, factory, research plant, store ...) Although this may be nice in terms of getting your empire off the ground, I found it intimidating to have so many choices and so many things to learn about. 

In contrast, the Game Manual suggests just starting with one store and maybe an office and get those running well. Then maybe you create a factory that makes stuff for your store and then you can maybe create some raw material plant that makes resources for your factory. There are so many ways one can start to explore this simulation! 

I am hopeful people can find time to explore and share what they find out. I can share people's reactions in the hangout next week. Happy Playing and thank you for the people that tried to join tonight. I am sorry the technology was not there to support us tonight.