Instructional Evaluation Service MOOC

Enroll Now - Instructional Evaluation Course, brought to you by Designers for Learning!

Gain experience for good. Learn by doing as you pay it forward in our new instructional evaluation course.

Designers for Learning's mission to provide support to underserved adult learners with low literacy and math skills continues in 2017. Enroll now in this brand new 6-week instructional evaluation course. From March 20 - April 30, 2017, you will learn by doing in our latest free project-based service course hosted on Canvas Network. Build your portfolio as you complete a real-world authentic instructional design challenge to evaluate and revise open educational resources designed in our prior instructional design courses.

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To enroll: Enroll on Canvas Network
Cost: This course is free.
Dates: Mar 20 - Apr 30, 2017
Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for the course.
Required resource purchases: None
For more information: Frequently Asked Questions

I have worked closely with Designers for Learning in past MOOCs ,and Dr. Jennifer Maddrell and her team, and I guarantee that you'll love the experience. Leecy