Support for Immigrants

Funders who are interested in supporting immigrant workers’ skill-building have a variety of options for
action, even as the new Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) program and the expansion


Leecy, I found this website that aims to build up libraries in Colorado for the purpose of bridging the digital divide:

Let's put together a list of resources, especially for the non governmental organizations that provide services.


Leecy and Paul, 

Another resource for the list is The Plaza Comunitarias Program, which was created in 2001 under Mexican President, Vicente Fox.  It was later accepted in the United States through a Memorandum of Understanding between Mexico and the U.S. in November  2004. The Plazas Comunitarias serve as transitional programs into English and adult basic education classes, and currently serves learners in the U.S. through four hundred Plaza Comunitarias programs. 

You can learn more about The Plazas Comunitarias from the Public Library Association.


Mike Cruse

LEECY, Non Governmental Agencies (NGOs) such as libraries, community centers, churches, unions, etc., which provide adult education classes are eligible for many Non Governmental Grants.

Writing a grant sometimes seems dauntless and people don't even try, but there is a way to get started, called the Common Grant Application, which I include below. Once a template is written, it only needs to be "tweeked" in order for the application to be sent off. 

Considering that fund-raising is so important, each NGO should have on its staff someone trained to write grants and do other kinds of "creative" and-raising too. I think that this staff person could also do double duty as a Volunteer Coordinator, and then recruit volunteers to work on knocking on doors.

Anyway, here is the Common Grant Application form:

Common Grant Application

l. Cover sheet

Organization name

Tax exempt status

Year organization was founded

Date of Application


Telephone Number

Fax number



2. Grant request

Period grant will cover

Type of request (general support, start up,



Total organizational budget (current year)

Total project budget

Starting date of fiscal year

Summarize the organization's mission (2-3 sentences)

Summary of the project or grant request (2-3





A. Introduction and Background of Organization

B. Describe your request (incorporating the following


1. Problem statement:  what problems, needs or

issues does it address?

2. If other than general operating support, describe

the program for which you seek funding, why you

decided to pursue this project and whether it is a

new or ongoing part of your organization.


3. What are the goals, objectives and

activities/strategies involved in this request?

Describe your specific activities/strategies using a

timeline over the course of this request.

4. How does your work promote diversity and address

inequality, oppression, and discrimination within

our organization as well as the larger society.


5. Describe systemic or social change your are

trying to achieve: How does your work address and change the underlying or root causes of the problem?