How to Participate in Discussion Forums

How to participate in discussions in the CoP (Community of Practice)

When you join a LINCS group, navigate to that group from the Group menu choices, and click on that group name. A page will open with several tabs.

  • The VIEW tab shows individual comments posted in the group.
  • The DISCUSSION tab, lists all of the discussions started in the group. A discussion may have several comments from members.
  • The BULLETINS tab holds all of the announcements that do not elicit a discussion.
  • The DOCUMENTS tab holds special documents that are 508 Compliant. This tab is not used often.
  •  The POLLS tab issues a poll question posted by the moderator on one issue, requesting member responses to the question.
  • The EVENTS tab posts upcoming events to be held that are related to the group.
  • The MEMBERS tab gives you a list of all members who are part of your community.

1. Starting a new discussion

A new discussion opens a new “thread” or topic for dialogue. To start a new thread, click on the Discussions tab. Then click on “+Add Discussion” link.

A text field will open, allowing you to add and format text to be entered into the discussion. Create a title for your thread. Add the text to which you want others to respond. You may preview your note before sending. When you are done, click on “Post.” Your message is now entered into the discussion forum for all to consider.

It is usually a good practice to keep your posts short and to the point. That will encourage others to respond to you and to add their own views to yours.

Add Discussion

2. Responding to someone's comment in the discussion forum:

a. If you are responding to an initial post (posting or comment), look at the bottom of the post. Select, "Add a new comment." A window/box will open, showing the text to which you are replying. Add a subject to you post. It is usually a good practice to copy/paste the original subject so that everyone can stay on track. Next, enter your comment. You may then either click on the "Submit" button or the "Preview" button. The Preview button allows you to edit your comment before posting. Respond to Post

b. Responding to another person’s comment

 If you are responding to other entries that are not the initial post, you will see a "Reply" option at the bottom of that post. Click on "Reply," and follow the instructions above.

Reply to post

3. Responding or contacting to someone directly

If you want to respond directly to someone, or simply read their profile, click on their name or their picture and it will take you to their profile. Once in the profile page, in the upper right, below the picture box, you can click on "Contact [this person]" and send them a direct email. LINCS will not share your personal emails, but you are able to contact the person through the LINCS internal email.

Final Note: It is always a good practice to compose your responses offline in any text application, and then copy/paste your entry into the forum. Technology happens, and you don't want to lose your pearls of wisdom to start all over again!

If you want ready help/tutorials on taking advantage of all of LINCS options, simply click on HELP. That link,, will open a page with a number of Help-To Guides on a variety of topics.

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Leecy Wise,  Diversity and Literacy CoP