I am now a tutor in a library!!!!!!!!

Well, Leecy! After all this great discussion I finally was accepted to be a tutor in a library right down the street from where I live! This is serendipity doo dah day!  I actually do not like to think about the endless possibilities because my head spins.

I believe that tutors in libraries and other settings are very important for the entire adult ed field. As adults we are not too keen on going back to school, coming up with lots of reasons. I for one need to learn computer skills, but, you know, I hurt my knee, it's raining, I have so much to do, etc. But once we get into the groove, well then we want to continue on up to classes in community colleges and beyond.

In my new position I will be teaching ESL with Pumarosa and I will also use the Smart Phone/WhatsApp groups.Then I will go to the local elementary school to invite the Latino parents, and, who knows, maybe set up classes at the school

There is a lot to this, and once we start the website of open resources...well....the sky's the only limit!!!!!!!!!!! 




Paul, I love your enthusiasm-- your students and your program are very lucky to have you!  Volunteer tutors have been part of the fabric of adult literacy for many, many years, and their contributions are invaluable.

Thank you for your time.