Technology and community based education

The benefits of technology in education have become very apparent. Years ago, when we first talked about using technology in adult education classes, many teachers would assert that nothing could replace a real teacher. But nobody ever said that it would be better to replace a teacher. The issue was that there was not enough funding to pay teachers and staff on order to provide classes for the eligible population of adult learners. Actually, according to a report I read years ago, at best only 10% of the eligible adult learners could enter adult education classes, especially in English.  But now, with technology, it is possible for everyone to study the subject of his or her choice, first as an independent learner, and then later in a formal class at a community college.  Using Facebook and WhatsApp and all the internet sites available, anyone can create a very dynamic and interesting program in any subject.  And an important issue is that such an approach is more likely to attract funding than if people remained stuck on a "go it alone" attitude. Let's call it community-based education. It works, it's fundable and it's a lot better for our society. More fun too.