Taking Advantage of Archived Webinars

HI YAP Members -- now that the Webinar regarding using data for continuous improvement is posted - I wanted to share several ways that you can use this archived information...

1) Hold a professional development or brownbag. Gather your colleagues, enjoy your lunch, and listen to the archived Webinar. Have a discussion forum following your listening to the event - what did you learn? How can you apply this content?

2) Share the link. Are there colleagues who you think would find this content useful in their work. Share the link - offer an introduction to encourage their listening to the event.

3) Save the webinar to your shortcuts. You never know..sometime in the future - you may have a need for this type of information. You can easily access it by saving it to your desktop or storing it in a folder you can easily access.


Thank you YAP - Data for Continuous Improvement Microgroup members for your participation in this month-long event. Data, Data, Data - multiple levels - multiple uses!

Judy Shanley.

Data SME