WIOA Action Planner for Youth Services Strategies

The Youth Services Strategies Quick Start Action Planner (QSAP) is now live!  The Youth Services Strategies QSAP is the next in a series of QSAPs covering important topics in relation to WIOA.  Use the QSAP to ensure you are taking the appropriate actions to reach the dynamic level of change called for in Youth Services under WIOA.  The results will show you areas of both strength and action which you can use to engage partners and stakeholders in on-going dialogues on planning and next steps.

Find the Youth Services Strategies QSAP, as well as the other WIOA Action Planners here:

For details on how to use the QSAPs most effectively, check out the WIOA Quick Start Action Planners: A New Tool for the Implementation of WIOA Webinar: https://www.workforce3one.org/view/5001506539374961927/info