Fascinating article about Eco Systems and Natural Disasters


If you are looking for real world text and examples to include in your Science instruction, I invite you to check these articles out. 

Japanese Tsunami: Hundreds of Species Hitchhiked to U.S. on Debris after Mega Thrust Earthquake


Giant Iceberg's Split Exposes Hidden Eco System

Connecting  current events to real world science is meaningful for students. Strategies for using articles like this include: 

1. Tweet the article with a class hash tag so students can start to follow your twitter account and have access to meaningful, real, and relevant content. 

2. Ask students to write a one minute reflection based on reading a quick article. OR use these articles to introduce concepts. (The mega earthqauke will help the idea of plate tectonics seem important. The idea of a hidden eco system and introduce the theory of evolution. 

How can you use these articles? and what are you reading that can be shared with our group? 

Kathy Tracey