Science Videos Catching on!

Science video reviewer colleagues,

I have recently done two presentation that featured videos from the list of science videos and reviews you helped to create. They both went very well. The first was a (free) webinar sponsored by the National College Transition Network (NCTN) on October 21st, hosted by Cynthia Zafft, and the second was a 90-minute workshop at the NCTN annual conference yesterday. I thought both went extremely well. The level of participation, particularly at the workshop, was extremely high, with some great ideas from teachers of science, professional developers and others. Together we reviewed a TV411 video (Salt) and a Ted-ED video, (Deep Ocean mysteries). The comments in the workshop evaluations and comments to me personally after the workshop indicated that these video reviews and the video list are extremely useful to your colleagues.Good going!

I am doing a (free) webinar next week, Tuesday November 18th, for the New Jersey Association of Lifelong Learning (NJALL) from 3:00 - 4:00 EST. Anyone is welcome join. I hope you will, and if you do, please talk about your experience with this project. To register, go to;jsessionid=abcqDH9jRK1g0-ZRy3UMu

It occurs to me that you may want me to come to your state to present a workshop to your science teaching colleagues, perhaps jointly with you. Or you may wish to do a science videos workshop on your own. If so, and you want my workshop materials, I will be happy to share them with you. Email me to discuss this.

Most important, Are you using these (or other) science videos with your students? If so, please tell us which ones, and how you are using them, and what you are learning from using them.

Thanks. I am looking forward to hearing from you here.