HBCU Day of Action 4.27.17

The HBCU Collective, a group of HBCU alumni and supporters who want to encourage collaborative support around funding initiatives for HBCUs are advocating for:

  • Increased financial support for students 
  • An increase in federal research grants
  • Funding for facility upgrades.

They are encouraging schools, organizations, students and alumni to unite with the HBCU Collective in order to achieve progress and change for HBCUs. 

In the coming weeks, they will send out HBCU Day of Action itineraries, scripts for meeting with your Congressional representatives, and other ways that you can advocate for HBCUs in your home district, state or for the National Action Day in Washington, DC on April 27, 2017. It is our responsibility to advocate for the preservation, health, and success of our alma maters for our children and our communities. 

For more information visit the HBCU Collective